Best Moving Tips

Best Moving Tips

Best Moving Tips

Our best moving Tips will help you Move your furniture Safely. Moving furniture is one of the hardest things and is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. At Super City Removalist, we help you make the right move- especially with large items like furniture. We have put together some of the tips for you all just in case you plan to move the furniture yourself. We share our experience and knowledge which we gather over the years working in the Moving industry. These tips will certainly help to make your move stress-free. Get in touch about your move.

Move Furniture carefully

Carrying furniture safely without bumping into anything is an art. Be patient and go easy while you lift the furniture so that it doesn’t get ruined but most importantly- doesn’t hurt you. Moving a house sounds very complicated, and you may want to fasten things up. But if you lose patience, it can be a nightmare. You can drop the furniture down, hurt yourself and then just regret. Hence, be very patient while lifting your furniture and don’t hesitate to call out for help- because you would surely need it!

Use the right technique to lift

Some of the furniture like cabinets or a chest of drawers can be a little tricky, but you can nail it with the right technique. We suggest two people holding the piece in a way that you have full control over it, and it doesn’t fall off when you carry it even it through the stairs. The best way to hold it would be at a slight angle that allows one person to hold one end and the other to hold the other end of the cabinet.

Bubble wrap your furniture

Come what may, the furniture may get some scratches while lifting, putting them in the truck and bringing them back. You can wrap the most vulnerable pieces to minimize the risk of getting scratches on your expensive furniture. At Super City Removalist, this is our routine practice to make sure your furniture reaches the destination- safe and sound.

Go easy on couches

When one person carries one end of the couch and the other carries the other end, it gets harder to get it out of your way while you are on the move. The best way to do this is, let it stand and then lift. This looks difficult but is undoubtedly a better technique for lifting a couch. A couch is the most loved piece of furniture which you don’t want to damage, hence, better use this tip and nail your moving!

Use best tools like straps and sliders

You may or may not have heard about these but they’re perfect for a layman and professional use. Shoulder dolly moving straps and sliders help move furniture safely. Not only does it require less effort in lifting furniture, but it also makes the moving process a lot faster. The catch here is that you must know how to use straps and sliders otherwise it will be a major fail. Are you still finding it difficult or just don’t have the time? Why bother when we are here! Super City Removalist is known for safe furniture removals and ensures that it reaches where it is meant to be, in the same condition. Call us today for a free quote.

* Important Tips

*Tape all boxes correctly from underneath and top. *Clean dust, spider webs, animal hair from furniture and house hold stuff prior to loading in the truck.

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