How to Move on a Rainy Day

How. to Move on a Rainy Day

Rainy day moving

How to move on a Rainy day is something that we want to know to prepare for a move during the Rainy season. The one thing for sure you don’t want is to move on a Rainy Day. Moving is a very exhausting process itself and the thing you will get most annoyed with is the Rain on your moving day. Well, we know no one can control the weather conditions, but what we can do is get a better idea about the weather forecast by following the forecast closely. There are some dangers along the way with Rain depending on how hard it’s pouring down on Moving day. You can follow our tips to make your Move smooth on a Rainy day. Get in touch to book your move.

Moving in Rainy Season

When you are moving during rainy season you need to be extra prepared considering the high possibility of rain on the day of your move. Normal Rain should be fine but if it’s a heavy pouring like torrential rain, is a big concern.

Weather Forecast

Closely looking at weather forecast or follow weather news is a good idea to plan according to weather forecast for your moving day. Make your plans for the moving day way in advance according to weather update and make sure your are well prepared for the worst case scenarios.

Make Plan B

Well it is always good to have a plan B in case plan A fails. You can move in little Rain but what if it’s a torrential Rain with heavy pouring not stopping at all. Make a plan B if there is a torrential Rain on your moving day, as you might not have the time to wait for Rain to stop to continue your moving. It’s better to be prepared rather than surprised, Start arranging packing material like plastic wrap, plastic sheets, strong boxes etc. Also keep a plan B option of moving another day if the scenario become worse as you don’t have control over the weather at all.

Protect Your belongings

Try to pack your clothes in the plastic bags or you can use trash bags to pack your clothes. Items like artwork which cannot be pack in to the boxes need to wrap with plastic wrap. Cover your furniture in comforters. Sheets might be too thin to repel water, but some thicker comforters can protect furniture temporarily in light rain. Try to use thick blankets to wrap around the furniture.

Keep towels handy

Keeping towels handy is good practise while moving in a Rainy day. Plastic is good to protect your stuff from Rain but its not 100% waterproof, water drops left on the top of plastic while moving in the Rain can cause moisture problem for furniture. To help make sure your furniture stay dry, keep towels handy so that you can dry those water drops on the plastic during the move to avoid any excess moisture problem later on.

Prioritize your belongings

Prioritize your belongings on a Rainy day move is a very good idea indeed. If you think the forecast look clear in a few hours? Consider waiting to load until then. If you can’t wait for the rain to stop, hold off loading appliances, furniture and other items that water can damage. Instead, start with things that won’t ruin if they get a little damp. When weather starts to clear a bit, start loading the more valuable belongings. Prioritizing your belonging for loading makes it very convenient for moving on a Rainy day.

Get Insurance

Getting insurance is always a good idea, as we know accidents happen doesn’t matter how careful you are. Especially in Rainy season, Slippery roads and pathways can increase the risks of scuffed or damaged furniture. We recommend arranging insurance for your belongings while moving. If you hire a good Removalists like Super City Removalist you don’t need to worry about the insurance as we have public liability insurance to cover any damage happen during the move.

Plastic Wrap

If it’s a Rain going on and off, moving your furniture is fine but if it’s continuous cover your furniture in plastic wrap. Plastic wrap give your furniture and belongings protection against moisture. Plastic wrap protects your furniture from getting dirty as well so it’s a good practise to wrap your furniture.

Keep Boxes dry

Keep your boxes as dry as possible in order to keep the stuff inside them secure. Make sure the boxes you use should be strong enough to hold your belongings. Also make sure they are not wet at all and try to keep them as dry as possible while moving in the Rain, as if the boxes get wet they are not strong enough to hold your belongings.

Protect Floor

Put plastic film or pieces of thick cardboard on the floors along the heavy-traffic areas in the home. You shouldn’t let all the water from the movers’ shoes get inside the home and soak into carpets or inside your floor. Plastic sheets also help you protect the floor while moving.

Rain gear

Start arranging Rain gear if you don’t have one available for your moving day. Try wearing non-slippery shoes, which will prevent you from getting injury while walking in and out of the house during the move. Wear protective clothing like raincoats, wet shoes etc. Having Rain gear at your home keep you safe while moving in a Rainy day.

Driving and Parking

Driving carefully and parking appropriately is essential on a Rainy day move. Try to get your moving van to park as close as possible to your house, so that there is less exposure to outside. Drive carefully or if you have hired professional movers just let them know that please don’t drive in rush as it may cause serious injuries. Parking your van appropriately on the street or on the driveway makes the loading and unloading fast and efficient. For more useful resources on moving get in touch.

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