Insurance Cover

Insurance and Safety


Insurance cover provide you with complete peace of mind while moving your stuff. We care for our clients, and every move we make is done with the utmost attention. Our team of professional removalists is known for making the safest moves in Australia as we know how to handle your commodities in the right manner. We have years and years of experience to safely and securely transit your furniture and belongings to new location. For hassle free move get your free quote today.

We are 100% insured so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.


We are insured for up to $50,000 for goods handling, loading, unloading and transit. Super City Removalist does not charge extra if in case you would want to claim the insurance. However, excess up to $800 may apply.

Moving Insurance

Moving Insurance

We know moving house or office is a very stressful process. While going through your moving it is quite normal to forget about things that matter a lot, Moving insurance is one of them. You should spend some time looking into Moving Insurance to know things like what it is and how it works or whether you need one.

In simple words, Moving Insurance provides you confidence and complete peace of mind while moving your furniture and belongings. We have a perception in our mind that our belongings are covered with content insurance or by the removal company during the move but that is not true, it depends on the type of Removalists company you hire and the type of insurance you have.

Some content insurance policy only covers your belongings during transit when a professional moving company is used. It depends on policy to policy what have covered, some policy just covers part of it or don’t even cover a DIY move at all.

Removal companies also sell insurance as extra or included in their price. But you need to make sure what insurance they are providing and what it covers and whatnot.

People think all their items are covered for damage and loss during the move, but that is not true, depends on the policy your removalist has and the total value contents are insured for. In general, insurance doesn’t cover valuables like Jewellery and money. At Super City Removalist we have got you covered as we provide Moving insurance for complete peace of mind so that you can move with trust and confidence.

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