Prepare for a Smooth Move

How to Prepare for a Smooth Move

Prepare for a smooth move

You need to prepare for a smooth move, as preparation is the key to make things easy going. We have experience and knowledge to share with you, which makes your move smooth. Below are some steps and tips to prepare for a smooth move.

Manage your stuff

First thing you need to do is start manage your stuff. Pack all items in your house will be a difficult situation. To make it simple you can try to get rid of stuff you don’t need, this will help you manage and pack your stuff quite easily. Also, you have to pack fewer boxes, which ultimately saves you time packing and unpacking unwanted stuff. While managing your stuff for a smooth move, think of it as an opportunity to sort out unwanted items in your house.

Arrange Documents

Arranging your documents will be a big help to reduce stress while moving. Put all your essential documents related to property agreement, keys to the new place, all the hard copies of your bookings related to moving, etc. It is a good practice to have a hard copy of documents in case you have some issues with electronic devices. By arranging documents in to one file or folder will give you access to all the information related to moving at one place when you need.

Pack your boxes ahead of time

It is good practise to pack your boxes ahead of time. You can start packing the stuff like off-season clothes in to boxes before your move well ahead of time. You can also pack tools, books, sports gear, and other equipment which you not going to be using soon, this will help you save time when your moving day is closer as most of your stuff is already packed. Packing your boxes ahead of time gives you a big relief on your moving day.

Early booking for services

Early booking for services is a good practice. You will get better pricing and can compare the market for the best and most affordable options. If you have to book a motel or hotel for a temporary stay you will get a better deal if you book in the off-season. Early booking for services is always give you the opportunity to get the best value for your money.

essential services

Sort out your essential services in advance for your new place. Call your service provider for electricity, gas, water, and broadband services at your new place. Make sure they all are connected and ready to use on the day you move into your new place. You need your essential services up and running at your new place to have a smooth move.

Carry Essential Items

Carry essential items is always a good idea while moving. Find an empty box, caddy, or bag to collect everyday essentials to use during your move. Pack items like a couple of clothes to change, toothbrush, toys for kids, essential medicines (panadol), toothpaste, moisturizer, water bottle, deodorant, extra pair of sleepers, travel pack hand wash, etc. Carry all essential items, which includes pretty much anything you can think of using during your move.

Buy Packing supplies

Buy packing supplies like packing tape, marker to mark your boxes, scissor, and cutter. You can buy used or new boxes from Bunning’s, super city removalist or gumtree, etc. We at Super City Removalist provide all packing supplies at most affordable prices.

Time for cleaning

It is always a good idea to spare some time for Cleaning. Keep some time on your schedule for last-minute cleaning like bathrooms. There are places you cannot clean until everything is removed from the house like underneath the furniture or bathrooms. You need to keep some spare time on your moving schedule for last-minute cleaning. For more useful resources on moving get in touch.

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