Washing Machine Removal

Washing Machine Removal

Washing Machine Removal Melbourne

Washing machine removal is not an easy task as getting smaller items moved shouldn’t be an issue, but what about bigger, heavier items that need to be carried differently? There are some ways to transport a washing machine that make it much easier, even though some washing machines are heavy. Super City Removalist got decades of experience moving bulky appliances like washing machines safely and securely. Below are some tips to move a washing machine safely.

Best Tips for moving a Washing Machine

Below are some of the best tips to move your washing machine securely and safely by moving industry professionals.

Position your washer correctly

Performing this task safely requires a high level of physical competency. Make sure your washing machine remains upright and secure as you manoeuvre it into the moving vehicle.
We recommend tying your washer in place after it has been safely loaded onto your trailer or moving van to minimize sudden movements of your machine. You can minimize the risk of damage to your washer by doing this.

The washing machine needs to be wrapped up

Could you lay a blanket on the floor? Let’s put it to good use. We’ll wrap it around the washing machine. This will prevent any serious damage to the washing machine. A blanket will do the job just as well as bubble wrap.

The Washing Machine Should Be Cleaned

Make sure that there are no items inside the washing machine before moving it. When moving a washing machine with items inside, the unit can become much heavier than it should be. Therefore, make sure everything is clear and ready to move.

Drain the water and unplug the plug

Unplug the washing machine and turn off all the electricity. The washer can now be moved forward a bit and the water supply hoses can be turned off. Now it is time to remove the washing machine’s hoses. Make sure you store them somewhere where they will be easy to find. Now you can install the transit bolts.

A furniture dolly can be rented or purchased

You must realize, now that you know how much weight a washing machine typically weighs (150-200 pounds), that lifting and carrying the appliance alone will not be possible. Quite simply, it won’t work.
It is for this reason that you are going to need a moving dolly to move the heavy object out of your current house, load it into the moving truck, and then transport it to the new house or apartment safely and quickly.
You can rent a truck rental agency or a professional moving company to move your appliances. A moving dolly might be a better investment for you then, every time you move, you’ll have that super useful piece of moving equipment.

Take measurements of the doorways and staircases

You might need to find another way out of the house if your washing machine doesn’t fit through the door or is too large for the stairs. It’s a good idea to measure all the doorways, hallways and stairs that you’ll have to pass your washer through before you move anything.

Prepare the washing machine for the move

  • For instructions on moving the appliance, check the owner’s manual. It will contain some helpful tips. Obviously, this isn’t necessary; however, knowing any special tips or tricks would be very helpful, and this would be one place to find those.
  • When moving a washing machine, a dolly is the best option. By using the dolly, the machine moves more smoothly and is less likely to bump and bang. It’s simply a matter of wheeling the dolly towards the machine, and then rolling it to the moving truck. Just be careful climbing the stairs. You will need assistance here.
  • With transit bolts, you make sure the drum of your washing machine will not bang around during transportation, which may cause damage. You can buy transit bolts from your local hardware store if you do not have any.
  • Good friends make house moves easier. This is the perfect time to ask a friend to lend you a hand. When you move a large appliance on your own, you could injure yourself, which is why it is always better to have someone assist you since that makes the job much easier and reduces the risk of serious injuries.

For all your moving needs we offer affordable moving services at Super city Removalist. Please feel free to contact us.